About Us

Carl Tattooing

We are members of the National Tattoo Association and the Alliance of Professional Tattooists.

Each artist has successfully completed a comprehensive seminar in "Preventing Disease Transmission in Tattooing". Our artists are required to continue their education about cross contamination, infectious disease transmission and its prevention for you continuing safety and peace of mind! Ask to see our certificates.

Our autoclave's performance is assured monthly by University of Iowa Sterilizer Monitoring Service. We will happily show you our autoclave and explain it's function.

All materials in the application of your tattoo are single service, bagged and sealed then autoclaved. After each procedure materials are properly discarded in appropriate containers. All work surfaces and surrounding space is disinfected with virucidal preparations designed to eliminate disease producing microorganisms. All artists use latex gloves during your tattoo application and checked periodically for defects during the procedure.


232 Main St. Blossburg, PA 16912